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About us

We have a long history in the flying arts, and we have that lifetime love of flying! We are encouraging and supportive throughout the process of getting you licensed to fly!

Where we fly

Rotorcraft Training is located at the Delaware Municipal Airport (KDLZ) north of Columbus (1075 Pittsburgh Dr., Delaware, OH, 43015). DLZ is home to many private single and multi-engine aircraft and boasts a 5,800’ x 150’ wide paved runway. Fixed-wing traffic uses a left-hand traffic pattern while helicopters use a right-hand traffic pattern, which means you're flying on the opposite side of the runway. The FAA designed it this way for traffic separation purposes and much safer flying. DLZ is a non-controlled field which makes flying much less complicated when you’re learning. You can concentrate on learning how to fly instead of worrying about dealing with Air Traffic Control. That will come in due time! Contact us at: Phone: 614.561.8530 Email: rotorcrafttraining@gmail.com