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It isn’t something you do… it’s something you ~are~. Whether you are fixed wing qualified or a novice with that inner drive to fly, we can take you into the wonderful world of rotor wing flying. It’s like no other!

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The concept of vertical flight dates back to 400 B.C. when Chinese children played with bamboo flying toys featuring a spinning blade. The name (derived from the french “whirl” and “wing”) was first applied in 1861 for a steam powered craft (that didn’t fly). Helicopters as we know them were first developed around 1936, when Professor Henrich Focke developed this Focke-Wulf 61. By 1942 Igor Sikorsky had gone into full production with an aircraft having one main rotor, and an anti- torque tail. Today the helicopter is ubiquitous as a means of convenient flight - Emergency medical transport Television news coverage Lifting heavy construction loads Spraying agriculture crops You can be in this exciting field! We can help get you there!

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